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BORDERS tells the story of two men, one Israeli and one Palestinian, who fall in love, and the community of friends who protect them in the face of intolerance.  

Adapted from the 2006 Israeli film The Bubble by Eytan Fox and Gal Uchovsky, this daring new musical examines the borders we construct within society and within ourselves.  Romantic and provocative, BORDERS pulses with energy, urgency, and hope for a more peaceful world.


an immersive musical

EXPRESS is a feature-length immersive musical that tells the story of one woman’s life in New York, with three acts that each depict a chance encounter on the subway that transforms her.  In this musical tour through the decades, our main character finds romance in 1946, examines her own biases in 1964, and finds peace in moving on from loss in 1992.  This ensemble-driven production invites the audience to experience the show from a seat on the "subway" among the performers.




 Show logo (c) Carlos Zamora -

Show logo (c) Carlos Zamora -